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Foreign exchange at an agreed price

Any user can offer their currency at any price they wish to buy or sell to other users on the site. To register this type of request, you need to enter the amount at the time of submission of the bid in the bid price option. Users should keep in mind that the more accurate or appropriate the purchase or sale price is, in a shorter time, their request will be accepted by other users.


Crossroads Istanbul

Here the buyer and seller can communicate directly with each other without any intermediaries. Individuals can offer their currency for sale at a favorable price and after they agreed on the price, deal directly with each other. At Istanbul intersection, users are only required to register and no payment is made without payment and they can enter into negotiations by sending a message or phone call to other users to buy and sell their currency.

Users to ensure how they pay and receive their money, they can use EzExchange as an intermediary. In this case, the company receives a fee of 2% from the parties and guarantees money transfer.



If the buyer and the seller make the transfer themselves, in case of any problem, the company assumes no responsibility whatsoever and it is not accountable. So recommended do not trust other users to receive and pay without intermediaries.