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Terms of Use

Below you will find the EzExchange Terms and Conditions, these terms contain the EzExchange rules and include all products and services of this company. This agreement is on the one hand from EzExchange and on the other hand from you (Your company, your lawyer, your representative, your successor) from the moment of confirmation, it can be cited.


Online payment terms and conditions

EzExchange only accepts payments in its bank account that a person has made with his card and bank account, if someone uses a card or other personal account, EzExchange returns the money deposited into his account, you will need to e-mail us a copy of the National ID and ID card you use to return it.

EzExchange does not make any headline in international purchases, spyware, customer information and etc. Please do not request these purchases through EzExchange at all, as such payment will certainly not be made.

EzExchange makes no unconventional purchases. For example, no purchases of spyware, Keylogger, or any software that is ordered to destroy, or any substances that are considered illegal, may not be made available through EzExchange.

If you buy back, EzExchange will reduce its purchase wage and the dollar rate it gives you is based on the day's dollar purchase rate. Note that the dollar buying rate is about 5% different from the internet buying rate.

If the purchase goes back, it will take 24 to 72 hours for your account to be deposited in Iran.

If your destination site, requires documents such as a cardholder passport scan, card scan or any other document, EzExchange is reluctant to provide evidence.

EzExchange can scan your Birth certificate or National card at any time, for any reason, if so, you must provide a scan of one of your identification documents. On sites where the language is not English, payment is sometimes not possible.

In the case of internet shopping and the money will be deducted from our account but the recipient will refund the money for any reason, EzExchange must first receive money in its account, can then deliver the rial to you.

Note, the return process may even take up to 5 business days. In any case, EzExchange will not pursue a refund. The applicant must investigate the site that refunded. It will also include a $ 5 wage. EzExchange does not interfere with the payment process. So if you made a payment but the site didn't send your product, responsibility is with the seller's site.

Hotel reservation payments are not possible.

Payments that store our card details cannot be made.

Payments that only have PayPal payment gateway and At that customer's address in Iran, available, cannot be paid.