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Privacy Policy

This text contains descriptions of the private information collected by EzExchange from site users and how they are used. For example, names, surnames, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, and other information not normally available to the general public.

EzExchange believes that the principles of privacy and user information are very important. Therefore, below we provide a detailed description of our privacy practices and ask users to read this description before making any request. It should be noted that EzExchange disclaims any responsibility for any non-user knowledge or non-study of these Terms.


EzExchange users privacy

First of all, it should be noted that users are aware that the Internet environment is as secure as other communication environments such as mail, fax, and telephony, and that information can eavesdrop in all these environments. So while EzExchange is making every effort to create a secure environment for the storage and exchange of information, it nevertheless cautions its users to always consider their online internet connections to be unsafe. EzExchange assumes no responsibility for the security of the data exchange between its network and its servers.

All information provided by visitors including name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number, etc. sent through EzExchange site forms, submissions, e-mails and or information collected by the Website's automated mechanisms in such a way that it is considered to be the personal information of customers, the visitor's privacy and compliance with this procedure.

In the event of security breaches such as disruption, attempted unauthorized intrusion, non-compliance with the laws or procedures of the Site and the like, or the legal licenses of law enforcement authorities, all relevant information collected from the coverage of this procedure will be immediately available to the appropriate authorities for follow-up. EzExchange will not, under any circumstances, sell or transfer any proprietary information collected about third party visitors and users.

EzExchange restricts its employee access to your information and only employees who need to contact you directly to provide services. This EzExchange Terms and Conditions is a function of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Federal and Provincial Laws of Canada and other international laws governing the services of EzExchange and Since these laws can be changed online and monthly worldwide, EzExchange reserves the right to make future changes to the rules without prior notice and The visitor is required to be aware of these changes in this way and at the same time as part of the site. Continuing to use the site's services in any way would be the reason for accepting the new terms.